Alberta Government announces $645M energy efficiency program

The NDP Government announced in its budget released on April 14, 2016 that it will spend $645 million over five years on a new energy efficiency program. With the newly introduced multi-billion dollar carbon tax, the new energy efficiency program will help Albertans save money by reducing their energy consumption. It is estimated that the program will bring in approximately $2 billion in energy savings and emissions reductions. Starting in 2017, the funds will be divided among households, businesses, and communities and will be spent on education, energy audits and incentives to encourage spending on energy efficient systems.The program is targeted at low- and middle-income households, who will qualify for an annual non-taxable rebate of up to $200 for single adults making less than $47,500 a year, and $360 for couples with two children, earning a combined household income of less than $95,000 a year. Families earning more than $101,500 will not received any compensation.

The introduction of the new program heralds an end to Alberta being the only jurisdiction in Canada without an energy efficiency program since 2012.