Alberta Home Energy Plan

Energy Efficiency Alberta has launched its Home Energy Plan Rebate program for a variety of energy efficient-upgrades, including but not limited to, insulation, windows, water heating, furnaces, home heating. Additionally, you can qualify for a bonus rebate of $1,000 if you complete three or more upgrades that result in a minimum of 3GJ of energy savings each.

What upgrades qualify for the rebate? 

Common Upgrades – eligible improvement list and requirements

Category Specific Criteria Program Requirement
Windows ENERGY STAR® triple pane, low-E, Argon gas Installed by a participating contractor
Insulation Attic, main walls, exposed floors, basement/pony walls Installed by a participating contractor
Drain Water Heat Recovery CSA B55.1 and CSA B55.2 and listed in Natural Resources Canada’s HOT2000 energy modelling software Installed by a participating contractor
Home Heating ENERGY STAR® Natural Gas forced air furnace – greater than 95% AFUE

ENERGY STAR® Natural Gas Boiler – greater than 90% AFUE

Installed by a participating contractor
Water Heating ENERGY STAR® Tankless water heater Installed by a participating contractor
Heat Recovery Ventilator HVI Certified Heat Recovery Ventilator or Energy Recovery Ventilator Installed by a participating contractor in a home with an air change per hour less than 3.57 (ACH@50pa) through the pre-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation


Custom Upgrades

Category Eligible Improvement Examples
Home Heating:

The baseline for calculating home heating system rebates will be 95% AFUE if replacing a furnace and 90% AFUE if replacing a boiler

  • Combination boiler
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Air source heat pump
Water Heating:

All water heating systems must have 0.8 EF or greater

  • Combination boiler
  • Condensing gas storage water heater
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Heat pump water heater
Thermal Envelope
  • Slab insulation
  • Doors and skylights
  • Windows glazing/inserts
  • Awnings/overhangs
  • Air sealing (permanent)


How do I participate?

  1. Contact us to schedule your Home Energy Evaluation. A rebate of $300 will be applied directly to the cost of your EnerGuide evaluation.
  2. We will assess the energy performance of your home. Our in-home consultation includes a complete review of the building envelope, mechanical systems, a blower door test to determine the location of major air leakage areas and energy modeling of all components to determine the energy efficiency of your home and which energy-efficient upgrades will work best for you and your budget.
  3. You will receive a custom report that includes your home’s current energy consumption and rating, recommended upgrades and applicable rebates two to three weeks after the date of the evaluation.
  4. You can choose to complete the recommended renovations with a registered contractor or on your own. If completing customer upgrades or for do-it-yourself projects, a post-upgrade Energy Evaluation is required to determine the energy savings you have achieved.

Check out the Home Energy Plan Program Guide for more information.